The Networked Institution

Opening your doors to learners from around the corner to around the world.

Adjusting to the new norm of Learner Mobility

For many reasons, learners swirl through the post-secondary education pipeline. They change institutions. They change areas of study before finishing. They stop out. They re-enter somewhere else. The impact on college and university processes responding to the new norm has moved many institutions to adopt non-traditional practices as they serve the ever-widening market of learners who have attempted some college, but for their own reasons, have straddled or restarted their aspirations for a credential. AcademyOne works with institutions and multi-institutional systems, helping administrators and faculty address the assessment workflows behind the academic curtain, tracking learning source comparability, improving guidance and augmenting student information systems that often are inhibited and poorly tuned to record external learning sources.

Academic Credit Portability and Addressing the Call for Greater Transparency

AcademyOne delivers sustainable proactive workflows enabling institutions to address how academic credit portability can be leveraged. As learning sources expand, so does the effort to respond to the questions of applicability, recognition and articulation. Institutions can package guided pathways and grow their network. Learners want to know will their prior learning transfer and count before they enroll. In fact, as they take coursework, they should be able to monitor their progress leading them to the best outcome. Our approach helps bridge institutions so they can service learners better coming or going. We are often called in to replace standalone and one-off systems with shared platforms – eliminating redundancy and improving responsiveness. Don't get bogged down trying to duplicate or reinvent what we have engineered. Eliminate the paper based steps where things often fall through the cracks or information becomes stale. Our tools and approach can help construct real-time guided pathways which can be promoted and shared with your partners online. In doing so, we help you leverage academic precedents with academic oversight that lays the groundwork for student success and your success as a new networked institution.