Multi-Institutional Portals and CMS


Improve Higher Education Coordination and Outcomes

ArticulatED™ empowers system-wide student success initiatives with intuitive workflow and publishing tools. It integrates software and applications that utilize a shared repository of data to evaluate and promote how learning sources may compare to college credit.


Community Connectivity

Integrate information and structured processes across departmental and institutional boundaries.

Productivity Unleashed

Provide faculty and staff with tools that bridge data, while reducing duplicative effort and manual tasks.

Proactive Guidance

Improve access and success with readily available and straightforward self-service advising applications.

Improve Transitions

Bring transparency to academic credit portability through responsive assessment and recognition.


ArticulatED™ Features

Portal & CMS

A fully responsive web destination that provides access to tools and resources in support of learner mobility.

  • Provide learners with a virtual gateway that promotes better informed academic choices
  • Compile an online library of courses, programs of study, equivalencies and articulation agreements that populate intuitive search results
  • Streamline administrative efforts with role-based permissions and tools that ensure rigorous credit decisions by sourcing real-time and accurate data
  • Oversee site maintenance with a content management system that simplifies the creation and presentation of information with consistent branding and navigation

Advising Applications

Eliminate the barriers between learners and the information they need to stay on track to degree completion.

  • Help them compile, maintain and share their academic and prior learning history with the Student Passport e-portfolio.
  • Allow them to import their academic course history directly from your institutional data system with the Coursework Importer.
  • Show them how courses they have taken will count toward a specific Program of Study and what requirements remain unchecked with a Transfer Degree Audit.
  • Help them explore their best transfer options based on the mobility of their coursework to institutions with the Will My Credits Transfer and Count application.
  • Display course equivalency and transfer information populated by system data directly on an institutional website with the Transfer Center Express widget.

Workflow & Publishing Tools

Create, manage and distribute information with structured and systematic processes.

  • Simplify the way institutions and academic departments propose, evaluate and determine equivalency information with the Course Equivalency Management Center.
  • Eliminate time and effort needed to maintain consistent equivalencies by tracking changes between student information systems and portal applications using Equivalency Synchronizers.
  • Publish articulation agreements in a searchable, online database making them easy to find with the Transfer Agreement Management Center.

Institutional Profiles

Market participating colleges and universities on a broader scale with tailored landing pages.

  • Publish admission and application requirements, credit policies and financial information.
  • Provide relevant website, contact and social media outlet links.
  • Engage and track qualified leads with the ability to request more information directly from an institution.
  • Will My Credits Transfer. Learn how prior credit can or can’t be transferred.
  • Promote a standard institutional format making it easier for a learner to compare institutional data.
  • Shows the number of Guides, Agreements, Equivalencies, Courses and Programs.

Technology to Share and Scale

  • Support for single-sign on (SSO)
  • Real-time Integration with S3, Student System Services
  • Automatic Synchronization with Localized Data Sources
  • Cloud based, shared Content Management
  • A library of flexible portal applications.
  • A robust API foundation with web services.
  • Syndication widget to promote the portal services and information.

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