Petition Workflow Platform


Assessment of External Learning Sources

AdvancED™ automates the academic petition workflow across administrative and academic departments. Grow a reusable repository of academic decisions to help guide and assess future learners. Engage learners with great customer service you can measure. Empower users across your educational environment to be agents of great service.


Engage Deeply

Easy to use, real-time workflow, leverage reusable repository of academic decisions, engage learners with self-service.

Strengthen decisions

Learners, faculty and staff can make better decisions with a streamlined process and verified information.

Reduce costs

Responsive design improves coordination between departments, reduces wait times, gaps in service and errors.

Improve Accountability

Focus on progress, completion factors, open tasks, policy dependencies, consistency and fairness.


AdvancED™ Features

Learner Center

A Learner’s secure staging area to compile learning, plan, track, share, and complete learning requirements with assistance.

  • Simplify building the learning history and claims
  • Engage learners to tackle their claims and presentation
  • View progress on learning claims and the impact on new pathways
  • Provide a comprehensive learner record store

Petition Workflow

Automate submission to processing petitions. Provide a step-wise workflow covering the responsibilities and actions to complete.

  • Improve responsiveness and recognition practices
  • Reduce delays with coordination and communication
  • Provide separation of duties
  • Integrate conveyance with admissions
  • Track sticky notes relevant to the Learner

Pathway Builder

Leverage the investment in academic preparation reviewing source to target learning opportunities.

  • Manage Trading names with source providers
  • Establish Shared catalogs between providers
  • Track source and target data changes impacting Pathways
  • Record Approvals and Policy Overrides
  • Publish Pathways

Pathway Checklist

Enable learners to follow guided pathways, prompt for requirements and conditions they need to satisfy

  • Simplify pathways with prescriptive instructions
  • Eliminate paper based distribution that can go stale
  • Share one view with advisors, agents and learner
  • Guide learners in sequence with disclaimers
  • Reuse learning claims with other Pathways

Credit Manager

Address proactive canvassing and reactive petitions evaluations

  • Track source of credit evaluations
  • Track time to complete
  • Automatic assignment of evaluations
  • Audit trail of decision making
  • Quick and responsive

Credit Modeler

Provide a public facing estimator that reveals how external learning could map to target

  • Brand and promote the Modeler
  • Produce fast transfer map response
  • Let users save workspace to learn what they are searching for.
  • Follow-up on prospective learners and their interests.
  • Customize the look and feel.

Technology SSO, API'S, Hosting Options

Advanced software technology to support prior learning assessment and recognition

  • Software as a service, scalable performance
  • SSO with your identity providers
  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System
  • Host on-premise or in the cloud
  • Scalable performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Webhook and Coursework Importer to initiate Learner info.

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