Guided Pathway Checklists

Improve Persistence and Completion

AdvisED™ engages two year students aspiring to transfer and complete their undergraduate degree. It incorporates a digital library of guided pathways and agreements. By reinforcing the associates degree requirements first, learners can track their progress - and realize time and money savings before and after transfer.


Real-time Advising

Take your transfer agreements beyond paper and to the next level of academic advising.

Reduce Costs

Help your staff be more efficient with software that reduces administrative workload.

Retain to Completion

Keep students on track to an associate degree by showing them exactly what courses will get them there.

Unlock the Future

Reduce credit loss with roadmaps outlining how earned credits count toward a baccalaureate degree.


AdvisED™ Features

Digital Library

You’ve put a lot of time and effort developing your articulation agreements. Be sure they are easy to find with a virtual database.

  • Catalog agreements by receiving institution and program of study
  • Open a gateway to them with a single point of access
  • Make them searchable and viewable by prospective and current students

Meaningful Guidance

Shouldn’t your advising appointments be less about course registration and more about academic and career goals?

  • Codify requirements to generate automated degree checklists
  • Support your advisors with timely, easily accessible information
  • Give students a virtual resource when face-to-face appointments are at a premium
  • Take the guesswork out of course planning immediately
  • Ensure your students are less likely to fall victim to the excess credit epidemic


Advanced software technology to support student completion.

  • Seamless integration with your Student Information System
  • Allows current students to import their academic course history
  • Incorporates a transfer degree audit tool