A Statewide Reverse Transfer System

Award Credit When It's Due

AwardED™ automates the reverse transfer workflow between colleges and universities. Outreach to four year students who previously transferred from the community college before earning their associates. The automated workflow invites participation thru an opt-in. The system supports the degree audit and associated transfer of data from the four year to two year.


Engage users

Removing one-offs. Engage the academic community to promote consistent, repeatable decisions. Remove the barriers of working together.

Reduce costs

Leveraging reusable workflows that lesson everyone's burden.

Improve Accountability

Focus on progress, completion factors, open tasks, policy dependencies, consistency and fairness.

Improve Communications

Share insights and suggestions with students each cycle. Discover what is holding them back. Promote the best paths possible to completion.


AwardED™ Features

Student Identification

Four-year institutions query to identify students potentially eligible for an associates degree and then uploads their extract into the Reverse Transfer System.

  • Customizable benchmarks for prospect identifation.
  • Automatically scan course history for eligibility.
  • Minimum and Maxiumum caps of credits.
  • Course enrollment periods selected.
  • Pilot repeatable cycles term by term.


The system emails students eligible to participate in the reverse transfer process. By opting-in, they consent to the sharing of their course histories.

  • Triggers the assessment and notification automatically.
  • Provide a consistent framework for all participating institutions.
  • Log all communications to be FERPA compliant.

Course History Exchange

Both two- and four-year institutions upload the course histories of consenting students for the degree audit process.

  • Making it simple proves to increase the number participating.
  • Win win for the state, institutions and students.
  • Capture degree attainment with authoritative participation and cooperation.

Degree Audit

A simulated degree audit is run to map course histories against program requirements. Those who have met the requirements, or are close, are pinpointed and their audits become available for a formal review by the two-year college.

  • Process thousands of student audits without burdening each institution or adding to their effort.
  • Reduce the time to complete a full analysis per student.
  • Reduce the costs to move data. Reduce differing formats by adopting one standard schema.

Degree Conferral & Advising

Students who have met requirements are notified and awarded a degree. Those who have not are advised about what remains outstanding.

  • Review simulated audits
  • Sequence through all programs of study to find the best fit for each learner.
  • Instant notifications to students
  • Automated advising for students close to eligibilty