Bridging College and University
Digital Experiences

Automated Multi-Institutional Workflows.  
Improve Responsiveness with Real-Time Technology.
Shared Authentication, Identity and Security.    

One System

Easier to use, better outcomes

The easier systems are, the more productive we become.  When we are more productive, better outcomes result. AcademyOne's technology services are easier to use.  Our applications are mobile responsive.  We support 508 compliance.  We enable UI customization with our CSS objects.  This means you can have a custom user interface matching your website.  You can brand the applications your way.  Make the user experience match your marketing requirements.  AcademyOne can tailor and blend our applications rendering one smart system for you.  

One Foundation

Learners aren't standalone

We are all mobile.  Why then are your systems standalone?  Transformation of the higher education sector will continue to draw institutions to the cloud as workflow, functions and coordination are required to address learner progression through varied learning sources.  AcademyOne's technology services support student success initiatives.  We enable institutions to share technology services rendering insights.  We enable real-time and on-demand web services so that guidance and applications can better inform learners and advisors of their circumstance and opportunities.

One Source

Stop duplicating data 

Maintaining other institution's curriculum requirements and course related data so you can address transfer assessment or guidance can be taxing.  Isn't it time to share it instead?  AcademyOne leverages data reuse through linked data and web services.  You can too.  Leverage our platforms and applications and you will immediately reduce the time and effort chasing down and reacting to data changes from other institutions that impact your assessments.   Incorporate automatic data reviews that impact transfer agreements and precedents that are interdependent on peer data.

One Experience

Seamless Integration 

AcademyOne provides API's that enable seamless, loosely coupled interfaces with other applications so you don't have to worry - and you become more productive.  We are integration specialists.  Enterprise applications on-campus can be difficult to integrate given capabilities, capacity and knowledge.  AcademyOne is here to help.  Our solutions synchronize localized data with our cloud repository.  Synchronization can be real-time, on-demand web services, automating the complexity of aligning disparate sources or can be batch sequenced.  

One Community

Let's Work Together

It's a simple fact: Assessing a learner's progress will require transcripts and information from other institutions.  Isn't it time for real-time technology services?  Reverse Transfer is an example of automating a shared workflow engineered to save institutions time and effort serving learners who have transferred without earning their associate's degree.  Tasks are queued.  Oversight analytics are produced.  Alerts catch issues.  

One Version

One Version, Auto Update

Maintaining software does not have to be a chore.  AcademyOne's software automatically updates.  As new versions are released after QA, the deployment process automatically triggers.  No more time spent on manual deployments, upgrades or conversions.  The deployment cycle is automatic including the time window you choose.    IT resources can be freed from the care and feeding of the software. 

One Center

Learner Centered

The strategies employed in adaptive learning environments recognize the experiences inside and outside of the classroom that are relevant and applicable.  Pathways to a credential can include formal and informal learning such as work experiences or other forms of training.  AcademyOne's technology services embrace the needs, wants, skills and interests of users by empowering them to utilize online tools that can help navigate their tasks and options. 

One Architecture

One Architecture

Continuously improve with AcademyOne. Our software architecture reduces reliance on closed systems.  We continually invest in technology that helps bring costs down, improve responsiveness and learner success. Pace change without sacrificing availability or performance.  Leverage evolving best practices and industry standards.