Introducing P360, AcademyOne's automated learning assessment workflow.

Webinar Details: 1pm January 30 2018

Learn how pilot universities have streamlined their workflow serving international and domestic learners petitioning for academic credit.

P360 establishes a unified system for assessing and verifying learning sources, comparability, applicability and articulation. Improve responsiveness to learner petitions. Track published academic precedence. Assess coursework, skills, competencies, knowledge and external experiences in one system. Break out of the course based limits legacy technology imposes. Consolidate efforts across separate systems addressing student success with advising, transfer, PLA, Study Abroad, Military, or External Assessments. Increase your international and domestic recruiting targeting learners that have experiences that could help them complete their pathway to a credential or step ahead into advanced studies.

You’ll learn this and more:

  • How learners can easily assemble a portfolio of learning claims and submit a petition for assessment by one or more programs of study.
  • How an institution can establish the assessment, evaluation and transfer mapping quickly and accurately with faculty review.
  • How learner claims are evaluated including credentials, learning unit sources, competencies, work/life experiences with conditions.
  • How pathways can be established with requirements and conditions – then be followed by learners.
  • How the full suite of API’s and interfaces enable your institution to customize the look, semantics and integration.

Webinar details:

Date: Thursday, January 25th at 1pm EST
Log-in link will be emailed in advance of the webinar.