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Improving Student Guidance and Advising at Individual Institutions

It’s rare to find a one-size-fits-all solution in higher education. Every institution has its own unique set of circumstances that shape and contextualize its goals and requisites for success. This is why we offer and design highly configurable solutions for individual colleges and universities – to deliver greater value by meeting their specific needs.

University of Tampa

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A Growing Portfolio of AcademyOne Solutions

As part of its enrollment strategy, the University of Tampa aims to attract and enroll hundreds of transfer students every year. Over the years, they have selected an increasing number of AcademyOne solutions to help expand their visibility and gain newfound efficiencies in the course evaluation and articulation processes. These are the tools they use now, listed in order of adoption:

  • The Course Equivalency Management Center (CEMC) enables the University to create thousands of course equivalencies with other institutions and then publish that information to prospective transfer students.
  • The Transfer Agreement Management Center (TAMC) allows the University to easily manage and promote their many transfer agreements.
  • The Equivalency Synchronizer ensures that any changes made to course equivalencies within the University’s student information system are instantly and automatically reflected within CEMC.
  • Transfer Center Express allows prospective transfer students to search for course equivalencies and transfer agreements right on the University’s website, without being redirected to find the information they’re looking for.

To date, the University of Tampa has 28 transfer agreements with public colleges and universities across Florida. They also have over 58,000 course equivalencies, a number that continues to grow as they develop more pathways to their institution, strengthening their commitment to deliver better student guidance and advising for transfer students. For more information, please see our partnership press release.

Drexel University

 Screenshot of the Course Equivalency Management Center

Workflow and Publishing Tools

In 2008, the Drexel University subscribed to AcademyOne’s Course Equivalency Management Center (CEMC) and Equivalency Synchronizer to meet their objectives for improved transfer student recruitment and processing. Making the University function more efficiently and avoiding transfer credit decision disputes are challenges they mediate with the tools.

The earlier we resolve disputes, the better. Students many times don't have a clear picture of what to do. We want to change that.

Dr. N. John DiNardo, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

The Course Equivalency Management Center supports the information needs of faculty and administrators responsible for transfer credit evaluations and decisions. Using CEMC, Drexel is better able to create and manage equivalencies so they can more effectively share course equivalency data with prospective transfer students throughout the region and across the nation. The Equivalency Synchronizer tracks the creation, update or deletion of course equivalencies across data sources. It permits on-demand synchronization between Drexel's equivalencies that reside on CollegeTransfer.Net and institutional transfer articulation tables stored within their Student Information System. The Synchronizer saves time and money for Drexel by automating the process to avoid duplicative data entry and providing the most accurate information available to students in real-time.

Today, Drexel University continues to process, record, manage and publish course evaluations using AcademyOne's technology. For more information, please see our case study. For more information, please see our case study.

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