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Transfer and Articulation

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Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer

In 2012, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer chose AcademyOne to augment their existing student advising web portal in order to enhance the student experience in the Province. AcademyOne was pleased to leverage our workflow and publishing software, the Course Equivalency Management Center (CEMC) and the Equivalency Synchronizer. CEMC was used to streamline the process of uploading and organizing courses and equivalencies sourced from 29 of Ontario’s college and university student information systems. With the Equivalency Synchronizer, any changes made to the courses within those student information systems will instantly be reflected within CEMC, saving institutions time and ensuring students have the most up to date information.

In January 2014, ONCAT launched their new Course-to-Course (C2C) Transfer Guide, which resides on their student website The C2C Transfer Guide provides ONCAT with the tools needed to support the 35,000 students that transfer among Ontario’s institutions every year.

To date, the C2C Transfer Guide has 80,000 course equivalencies and it will continue to grow with more institutions planning to participate in the spring. During the first week of the launch, ONCAT reports that there were more than 10,000 unique visitors to, with the Transfer Guide being the fourth most visited page on the site.

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