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Transfer and Articulation

SC TRAC homepage

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

In 2008, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (SC CHE) chose AcademyOne to help fulfill its strategic objectives and legislated needs for academic credit portability across all 33 of the state’s public institutions. The project was launched in three overlapping phases.

Phase One

Workflow and publishing software was provided to facilitate the systematic collection of transfer-related information from each institution and system office. This involved establishing real-time data synchronization across the many different student information systems employed by the colleges and universities.

Phase Two

AcademyOne developed and implemented the South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center (SC TRAC) web portal, a one-stop shop of transfer and articulation information. Launched in Spring 2010, the site helps students and their advisors evaluate how previous and future coursework can transfer among and between the participating institutions. This leads to better academic decisions, enabling students to save and time and money by avoiding courses that won’t count toward graduation.

Phase Three

To reduce the amount of effort required to maintain a statewide, coordinated transfer and articulation system, AcademyOne implemented the Coursework Importer across multiple homegrown and vendor student information systems. By calling on the authoritative data within these systems, the interface improves the accuracy of degree planning through SC TRAC and facilitates real-time student guidance services.


SC TRAC won the 12th Annual Competition for Best Practices from the Postsecondary Electronic Stardards Council (PESC). Receiving high praise from the Board Review Committee, SC TRAC was recognized for focusing on a high-risk population (transfer students) through collaboration, infrastructure and the use of centralized resources to deliver a robust, statewide solution that streamlines the student transfer process. For more information, please read the press release.

In 2013, AcademyOne continues to work with SC CHE to further improve SC TRAC and its service to students and institutions alike. For example, SC TRAC is now being used to support the display of Advanced Placement (AP) exam, International Baccalaureate (IB) exam and South Carolina Universally Transferable Course credits and equivalencies by institution in accordance with state policies.

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