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Helping the Education Industry Keep Pace with Technology

At AcademyOne, we support initiatives, projects and strategies that lower costs, improve outcomes and help our learning communities work together instead of apart. We continuously pursue greater knowledge in this work, expanding our intellectual capital to provide insight into how to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of educational organizations at the global, national, state and local levels.

Greater Student Mobility

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Easing College Transfer with Standardized Web Services

Our experts regularly participate in industry workgroups and policy discussions at state and federal levels to brainstorm innovative solutions for greater student mobility. Much of our work revolves around the standardization and use of web services across the education sector.

Web services can be used to achieve interoperability between and among numerous decentralized data systems, including student information and degree audit systems. They carry data seamlessly and securely from one system to another, ensuring users can always connect to the real-time, authoritative information they need to achieve their goals. When it comes to student mobility issues such as college transfer, web services improve data quality and simplify the access and exchange of data, saving time and money for students and institutions alike.

Dave Moldoff, Founder and CEO, has been involved with the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) for over ten years, both as a member of the board and as Project Director for the EdUnify Task Force, campaigning for a common registry of web services. Internationally, he serves as an advisor to the Rome Student Systems and Standards Group (RS³G). AcademyOne has also consulted for and devoted resources to numerous prior learning assessment projects and organizations, such as the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). Moreover, we developed the CollegeTransfer.Net national web portal, which receives a monthly average of more than 60,000 visitors seeking to transfer, change majors or evaluate their institution’s course equivalencies.

Simplified College Admissions

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Driving Newfound Efficiencies with Identity Assurance

AcademyOne also strives to improve admissions and enrollment processes through the use of secure federated identity technologies such as single sign-on. A single sign-on system with unique student identifiers provides institutions with a scalable, secure approach to validate the identity of and accurately match electronic records for each college applicant.

Our staff was brought in by PESC and Internet2 as part of the prototyping team for the Common Identity and Trust Collaborative (CommIT) project. Now in pilot, the CommIT project is designed to address the challenges of the higher education admissions process with single sign-on and identity stores. It allows prospective students to use a single set of credentials to access and exchange materials such as test scores, transcripts and financial aid information. This leads to more efficient workflows and, accordingly, lower costs for secondary and postsecondary institutions. Additionally, vendors and software developers can easily supplement or create new, higher quality products for education organizations.

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