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Higher Education Cloud Computing Services 

We utilize cloud services to build robust, modern architectures that scale on-demand. Cloud computing improves reliability, lowers costs, requires no additional hardware or software and reduces the risk of losing access in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. You can rest easier and better allocate your resources by leaving the application and infrastructure administration duties to our experts. Your IT departments will have more time to focus on other strategic objectives. Best of all, cloud computing facilitates a rapid return on investment for our clients.

Service-Level Agreements

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Defining Our Commitments to You

When you take advantage of our higher education cloud computing services, we do all the work to keep your solution up and running all the time. We provide the servers, platforms, software, services, bandwidth and security. We also help you establish sound policies that ensure your protection and security as well as the performance of your AcademyOne solution. That includes disaster recovery and business continuity plans. With our comprehensive service-level agreements, we detail our commitments to you, so you can be confident that we will meet your exact requirements for the hosting, storage, sustainability and governance of your data.

Regulatory Compliance

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Ensuring Privacy and Security for Your Data

AcademyOne deeply understands the importance of regulatory compliance in the higher education industry, especially when it comes to the privacy and security of your information as you migrate to the cloud. To ensure your protection, we take great care to establish and maintain solutions that are fully compliant with your regulatory needs. Our team leverages extensive knowledge of federal, state, agency and self-imposed regulations, including FERPA and U.S. export laws, and we enroll all pertinent employees in annual training and update sessions.

Need More Info?

Schedule a webinar with an AcademyOne representative. We can show you step-by-step how our solutions improve performance to achieve results.

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Got Adoption?

When rolling out new technologies or enhancements, we maximize user adoption by maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project development lifecycle.

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Do You Need a Solution for Degree Completion?

We’re already helping our state and institutional clients toward their completion goals. See what we can do for you.

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