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Consulting Services for Higher Education

Our consultants leverage decades of insight and industry expertise to resolve your challenges and deliver award-winning software implementations. We know how to navigate the higher education landscape, its varied range of organizational structures and the competing priorities found within. We offer thought leadership, best practices and proven methodologies to strengthen your vision, facilitate coordination among your stakeholders and elevate the success of your projects.

Business Analysis

Looking through a magnifying glass

Determining Best Strategies and Solutions

Whether we’re constructing a solution or simply giving advice, we’ll help you understand what you need to move forward by leveraging our consulting services for higher education. Our first step is to perform a thorough and objective analysis of your current situation. During this time, our consultants will examine your strategic goals and drivers; yours business processes and workflows; your technology resources, capabilities and restraints; and the alignment of your IT and business goals. This often reveals hidden challenges and new opportunities, giving us the valuable insight we need to:

  • Formalize your vision
  • Prioritize business requirements
  • Define the metrics for success
  • Prepare, refine or validate a strategy for moving forward

User Research

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Understanding What Your Users Need

End-user adoption is a key component of any successful software implementation, and we know from experience that the highest adoption rates are driven by a product’s usability. This is why we conduct user research. It provides the real-world context our consultants need to match your business goals to the needs and everyday work practices of your intended users, resulting in software and enhancements that will be used and loved straight out of the gate.

From field observations to focus groups and more, we employ a variety of research methods to:

  • Learn about what your users do now to accomplish their tasks and goals
  • Uncover usability issues with your existing solutions
  • Test your users’ appetite for new technology and validate a concept solution
  • Gather requirements for a user experience that will be natural, meaningful and fulfilling to your users

Project Management

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Expert Leadership to Achieve Your Mission

You know what you want to achieve, and AcademyOne project managers know what it takes to get you there successfully. That’s right – no more risky guesswork, no more trial and error. By acting as both a process mentor and facilitator, we can ensure your project gets delivered on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality. We call our approach the 4D project methodology, which stands for Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver:

  • Discover: We perform needs-based assessments to uncover the hidden challenges and opportunities within your existing workflows and information systems.
  • Define: We create an actionable technology roadmap to solve the problem. During this stage, we formalize your business, user and technology requirements; determine an initial set of priorities; and assign task owners, timelines and resources.
  • Develop: We follow the roadmap, using Agile development practices to quickly and easily make adjustments, manage change and refine your solution to perfection.
  • Deliver: We deploy your solution deliver value continuously afterward to ensure the best return on your investment. We offer long-term sustainability plans, comprehensive training services, ongoing maintenance support and regular software enhancements.

Throughout the project management lifecycle, we encourage open communication and teamwork. This allows us to share vital information and deliver progress reports on a regular basis so everyone remains on the same page at all times.

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Got Adoption?

When rolling out new technologies or enhancements, we maximize user adoption by maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project development lifecycle.

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