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Custom Software Development Services

Whether customizing our pre-built solutions or building one entirely from scratch, AcademyOne is dedicated to meeting even the most unique need in higher education. From design to deployment and beyond, our accomplished team follows a structured, agile approach that allows us to gather feedback and meter change along the project path for a truly optimized software solution. By maintaining our user-centered focus, we also ensure the highest degree of acceptance among your users.

Core Competencies

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Technology & Software Development Expertise

We take care to stay at the cutting edge of technology, even as it evolves, so you can stay ahead of the game and receive the most value from your AcademyOne investments. We continually enrich our knowledge base, tracking the latest news, innovations and best practices in the following areas:

  • Customized Web Portals and Software Applications
  • Tablet and Mobile Solutions
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Workflow Automation
  • Agile Development and Scrum
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Big Data
  • .Net
  • SEO

Agile Development

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Delivering Value with Speed and Dexterity

Have a complex project? No problem. By following the Agile development methodology, we can break down the work into smaller, more achievable steps. Our practice is to promote teamwork and regular communication along the project path so we can gather your feedback and respond with speed and dexterity as requirements evolve. Tasks are managed in time-boxed iterations called sprints, which typically last four weeks or less, each one delivering a set of outcomes that can be reviewed to steer and refine progress toward your ultimate project goal. This allows us to control costs, manage scope and ensure the rapid delivery of high-quality, customized software developed to meet your needs exactly.

User Experience Design

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Designing Solutions for Usability and Adoption

At AcademyOne, we build complete solutions. This means we do more than just fulfill your business objectives – we also meet the needs and expectations of your users. Our developers and user research analysts work together, focusing on each touch point, to expertly craft a user experience that will be embraced by everyone.

First, we apply the findings from our user research to create behavioral personas and usage scenarios that accurately model how your users will interact with the software. We then use rapid prototypes and usability tests to evaluate and validate the design. Often, we will employ user groups across functional areas to pilot the new software or services, provide feedback and assist with a social roll-out upon launch. We also utilize responsive web design when building our solutions in order to make them adaptable to ensure an optimal viewing and navigation experience for your users regardless of device.  Ultimately, this is the work that allows us to deliver the most engaging and effective user interface for your custom web portal or application.

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Got Adoption?

When rolling out new technologies or enhancements, we maximize user adoption by maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project development lifecycle.

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