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Charting Your Path To Ongoing Success

We take our commitments seriously, and nothing is more important to AcademyOne than the success of our clients. Through our professional services, you get the people, processes and technology you need to achieve your goals and maximize your returns. Our experts offer the industry-specific knowledge and experience to craft effective strategies and solutions that will drive performance, lower costs and generate value in higher education for many years to come.


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Strategic Analysis and Trusted Advising

Our consultants leverage decades of insight and industry expertise to resolve your challenges and deliver award-winning software implementations. We know how to navigate the higher education landscape, its varied range of organizational structures and the competing priorities found within. We offer thought leadership, best practices and proven methodologies to strengthen your vision, facilitate coordination among your stakeholders and elevate the success of your projects.

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Custom Development

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Tailoring Solutions to Your Exact Needs

Whether customizing our pre-built solutions or building one entirely from scratch, AcademyOne is dedicated to meeting even your most unique need. From design to deployment and beyond, our accomplished team follows a structured, agile approach that allows us to gather feedback and meter change along the project path for a truly optimized software solution. By maintaining our user-centered focus, we also ensure the highest degree of acceptance among your users.

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Systems Integration

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Achieving Greater Value through Connectivity

Our systems integration practice employs loosely coupled web services to simplify the access, exchange and synchronization of data across your various software solutions and student information systems. Integration maximizes the value of your previous and future IT investments by enabling the reuse of services across systems, expanding – if not exposing – functionality and motivating user adoption when new applications and services are introduced.

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Data Management

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Transforming Data into Strategic Assets

Data mapping and alignment across complex systems is a challenge we can help with. We are experts at large-scale data collection projects and offer proven cleansing methods to transform your information not only into standardized, reusable forms but also into strategic assets for your organization. Our comprehensive academic data management services ensure the highest degree of data quality, integrity and consistency across all our projects so you, as well as your stakeholders, always have access to reliable, trustworthy information.

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Cloud Computing

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Delivering On-Demand, Cost-Saving Benefits

We utilize cloud services to build robust, modern architectures that scale on-demand. Cloud computing improves reliability, lowers costs, requires no additional hardware or software and reduces the risk of losing access in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. You can rest easier and better allocate your resources by leaving the application and infrastructure administration duties to our experts. Your IT departments will have more time to focus on other strategic objectives. Best of all, cloud computing facilitates a rapid return on investment for our clients.

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Need More Info?

Schedule a webinar with an AcademyOne representative. We can show you step-by-step how our solutions improve performance to achieve results.

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Got Adoption?

When rolling out new technologies or enhancements, we maximize user adoption by maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project development lifecycle.

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Do You Need a Solution for Degree Completion?

We’re already helping our state and institutional clients toward their completion goals. See what we can do for you.

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