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The AcademyOne Solutions Portfolio

Explore the software and technology that make student systems smarter and more effective in higher education. Our off-the-shelf solutions can be leveraged successfully within a variety of contexts, whether you wish to increase enrollment, improve student retention or achieve your goals for degree completion. When you choose from the AcademyOne portfolio, you’ll receive the results you want and the performance you need, as well a fast return on investment – no matter your objective.

AcademyOne Products

Global Transfer Credit Evaluation

As the number of globally mobile students continues to soar, delivering efficient and timely transfer credit evaluations is more crucial than ever in the competitive higher education environment. Providing institutions with the tools to automate their evaluation processes will eliminate manual procedures, reduce turnaround times and improve enrollment.

AcademyOne’s P360 is an administrative system for recognizing and evaluating all prior learning (including credentials, qualifications, courses, skills, knowledge areas, competencies and assessments) for credit offers. With an automated workflow, appropriate personnel are guided through each phase of the evaluation process including validation, articulation and conveyance. P360’s automatic routing and approval tracking ensures all credential evaluations are completed consistently and in compliance with policies.

Through P360’s Learner Modeler, potential learners can access information to estimate how their learning could be given credit. Institutions can create and publish prescriptive pathways in the Credit Modeler with a checklist of requirements for learners to follow and complete by program of study. The Learner Center allows them to create a portfolio of their education and knowledge which they can use to initiate and review the progress of credit petitions. Outcome decisions can be published as a guide for other learners to be awarded the same credit given the same focus of studies.

Transfer Degree Completion Audit

Our Virtual Transfer Advisor is a guidance application that helps advisors and students measure their academic progress against transfer agreements and degree requirements. They can easily estimate just where they stand with credit already earned and perform transfer degree audits to determine the best pathway available to them. With the Virtual Transfer Advisor, institutions are able to streamline their advising process to provide students with clear-cut, actionable and valuable information.

Explore Majors and Transfer Opportunities

Current and prospective students can explore colleges and universities that have Dual and Guaranteed Admission Agreements with your institution, by major. They can check out the highlights or view all of the details for each agreement.

Check Progress

Students who know the institution and program to which they wish to transfer, can quickly check their progress. They can view academic maps that show the scope and succession of coursework required to complete a credential and guarantee a smooth transition to a baccalaureate degree.

Search Transferable Courses In and Out

Any student can learn how your institution will accept credit for their transfer courses, as well as find institutions to which your courses will effectively transfer. They can search by institution, location or equivalency.


Client Success Story: Delaware County Community College

Prior Learning Assessment

With our PLA solution institutions can optimize and expand their outreach bolstering retention and recruitment efforts. We automate the e-portfolio assessment process and provide a common framework for recognizing and awarding credit for prior learning.

Our portal serves as a single point of entry for students on assessment policies and methods available at participating institutions. Within is an e-portfolio platform that includes workflow processes for identifying, documenting and evaluating prior learning – an investment that encourages wider participation and greater persistence. Increasing the opportunities to earn college credit for learning gained through life and work experiences outside of the traditional academic environment reduces cost and time to degree completion and increases student success.


A command center where students are able to create and manage petitions for credit, check recent activity, view notifications, and edit their profile. It lets students know exactly what is going on during each step of the petition process.

Message Center

Allows a student and their assigned advisor and assessor to communicate with each other. All messages are saved with each petition for history and tracking purposes.

PLA Options

Allows students to view all opportunities available to them, such as challenge exams, national and local evaluations and standard exams. Advisors can recommend alternative PLA options to a student.

Application Workflow

Students are connected with an advisor from their selected target college. They are guided through the process of identifying the college courses that best match their knowledge and experience.

E-Portfolio Workflow

Upon advisor approval and payment of the assigned evaluation fee, students are guided through the process of creating an e-portfolio and documenting their knowledge and experience.

Assessment Workflow

A qualified faculty assessor from the college is assigned to conduct an evaluation of a student’s e-portfolio and make a recommendation on eligibility for PLA credit.

System Reports

Provides colleges with data on students that have submitted PLA petitions and committed to e-portfolio evaluation fee payments.

Client Success Story: Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges

Reverse Transfer

Colleges and universities manually administering reverse transfers are faced with the time and monetary consuming processes of compiling student credit and performing audit evaluations. Our Reverse Transfer solution leverages reverse transfer programs between two- and four-year institutions by assimilating data from student information systems and automating the degree audit process. It optimizes policies and procedures, easing administrative burdens and allowing institutions to maximize their collaborations using technology infrastructure.

The RTS enhances communication, identifies more potential completers, absorbs data from multiple student systems and runs an automated degree audit - allowing institutions to better advise near completers and confer degrees to those who have earned them.

Student Identification

Four-year institutions can query institutional records to identify eligible students for a reverse transfer associate degree and upload them into RTS.


RTS emails students eligible to participate in the reverse transfer process. Students must consent to the sharing of their course histories by opting in.

Transcript Exchange

Two- and four-year institutions upload course histories for consenting students into RTS.

Degree Audit

RTS runs a simulated degree audit on all of those who have consented, mapping each student’s course history against preloaded transfer pathway program requirements. Students that have met, or are close to meeting, the requirements for an associate degree are identified and their simulated degree audits are available for formal review by the two-year college.

Degree Conferral & Advising

Students meeting degree requirements are notified by the two-year college and conferred a degree. Students that don’t meet degree requirements are advised by the two-year college of any outstanding needed for completion.

Client Success Story: Tennessee Statewide Higher Education

Transfer and Articulation (TRAC) Portal

Students transfer from one college to another for a variety of reasons, but students who do so without a plan can find themselves taking longer to graduate and owing more money. Access to the right information at the right time is critical for students to make informed decisions. Our TRAC Portal is a virtual gateway to transfer and articulation information for students, faculty and administrators. Within the portal they have access to valuable resources, processes and tools that help guide students, delivering the information they need when they need it.

Student Passport

A portfolio where students compile and maintain their academic and prior learning history, as well as share information and documentation with advisors and explore their best degree pathways.

Coursework Importer

A secure interface that allows students to import their academic course history directly from institutional data systems.

Will My Credits Transfer

An interactive application that helps students explore their best transfer options based on the mobility of their academic history to another institution.

Equivalency Maps

A personalized view of how a student’s past, current and future courses map to equivalent courses at another institution.

Virtual Transfer Advisor

A transfer degree audit tool that provides students with a guided pathway to see how their courses will count toward a specific Program of Study at an institution.

Transfer Profile Search

A search tool that provides students access to college and university transfer profiles with the ability search by institution, location, major/program and institution size.

Course Equivalency Search

A search tool that provides students access to course equivalency information with the ability to search by institution, major/program or course.

Transfer Agreement Search

A search tool that provides students access to degree pathways between institutions with the ability to search by institution or keyword.

Client Success Stories: The Pennsylvania Department of Education, The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, and Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer

Transfer and Articulation Administration

Greater transparency and better guidance for transfer students begins with the ability to gather, create, manage and distribute comparable information. Our workflow and publishing applications automate and streamline the administration of the transfer articulation process for colleges and universities.

Course Equivalency Management Center

A workflow application that simplifies the uploading and organizing of equivalencies sourced from multiple student information systems. It automates and streamlines the way institutions and academic departments propose, evaluate and decide upon equivalency information.

Equivalency Synchronizer

A publishing application that eliminates the time and effort needed to maintain consistent course equivalencies by tracking changes between an institution’s student information system and our solution.

Transfer Agreement Management Center

A publishing application that allows institutions to manage and market their transfer agreements. With it institutions have the ability to display their agreements online, in one place and with intuitive search options making them easy to find.

Transfer Profile Management Center

A publishing application that allows institutions to manage college profile webpages that market their information. An institution can display transfer policies and requirements, as well as provide valuable backlinks to their website and social media outlets expanding their reach exponentially.

Transfer Center Express

A self-help application that provides students with course equivalency and transfer information. The application is placed on an institution’s website and can be customized to blend with the website for a streamlined, integrated look and feel.

Adult Degree Completion

Our Adult Degree Completion solution provides institutions with a dedicated, interactive portal targeted to attract adults looking to finish what they started or change the course of their career. Providing a single, virtual gateway to the many opportunities available helps them find, select and enroll in a higher education program that best fits their needs and helps reach their goals of degree completion.

Our dedicated portal simplifies the conveyance of higher education information for adult students by providing them not only with valuable resources and processes, but also self-assessment tools that will help them decide what college programs are appropriate for their needs. As adult learners become a larger segment of the college-going populace, institutions need a better way to provide the tailored support they require.

College Finder

Helps students explore and compare colleges, programs and courses.

Student Passport

Allows students to compile and maintain their academic history, as well as share information with advisors at prospective institutions.

Equivalency Maps

Shows students how previous courses taken will be accepted and awarded credit at another institution.

Virtual Transfer Advisor

Allows students to unofficially assess how their previous credits earned will transfer toward a program or major at another institution.

Cost Calculator

Provides students with an estimated cost of completing a degree at an institution.

Transfer Agreement Search

Allows students to find transfer agreements between institutions.

Course & Exam Equivalency Searches

Allows students to find course and exam equivalencies between institutions.

Client Success Story: Tennessee Statewide Higher Education


CollegeTransfer.Net is the number one destination for students contemplating college transfer. 1.25 million visitors come to CT.Net annually researching transfer admission requirements and looking to find out how their credits will transfer to you. To find their best transfer destination, students can search for degrees, programs, majors, institutional transfer profiles, course equivalencies, exam equivalencies, transfer agreements, transfer guides and current course descriptions.

  • Get access to tools that allow you to publish your Transfer Profile in a clear, concise and targeted manner.
  • Promote your institution with images, contact information, social media links and transfer enrollment statistics.
  • Publicize your Programs, Courses and equivalencies making them searchable and viewable online.
  • Highlight financial information such as tuition, fees, financial aid and scholarships.
  • Broadcast application requirements and transfer credit policies in one place.
  • Receive monthly analytics reports that track student metrics for your institution’s profile.
  • Provide prospective students the ability to request more information, allowing you to track and engage leads.

Join CT.Net to expand your reach to a national audience who might not otherwise consider transferring to your institution. To learn more visit

Career & Technical Education

Career and technical education (CTE) offers high school students opportunities for career awareness and preparation by providing the academic and technical knowledge and work-related skills necessary to be successful in postsecondary education, training, and employment. CTE plays a key role in strengthening our economy by providing a source of highly-skilled talent that can fill high-priority occupations.

Articulation agreements that align secondary CTE courses to postsecondary programs make it possible for high school students to earn college credits for their technical education courses, reducing their cost and time to degree completion. Our Career and Technical Education solution provides institutions with the tools to publish and manage their CTE articulation agreements so that students can easily perform a search to see how their courses may transfer to a college or university.

Client Success Story: Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of Career and Technical Education (BCTE)

Custom Solutions

It’s rare to find a one-size-fits-all solution in higher education. Every institution has its own unique set of circumstances that shape and contextualize its goals and requisites for success. This is why we offer and design highly configurable solutions for states and individual colleges and universities – to deliver greater value by meeting their specific needs.

Client Success Story: Florida Virtual Campus

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