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5 Reasons to Streamline Vertical Transfer Pathways

Posted on 3/3/2016 by AcademyOne Insights in Higher Education Degree Completion Nontraditional Learners Transfer and Articulation Academic Credit Portability Adult Degree Completion Workforce Development Guided Pathways TransferCheck Virtual Transfer Advisor

Community colleges serve as an entry point to our nation’s postsecondary education for a growing number of students. They offer an affordable pathway to a bachelor’s degree through transfer. While the majority of community college students originally intend to take this path, sadly many do not. They often experience significant barriers to transfer, with the most critical being the loss of credits. As the higher education landscape changes and four-year institutions face dynamic enrollment challenges, transfer students have become increasingly important. As efforts continue to be made by state policymakers to improve the process and degree outcomes for transfer students, community colleges and four-year universities need to improve collaboration in order to raise degree attainment levels.

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4 Reasons to Support Adult Degree Completion Pathways

Posted on 10/15/2015 by AcademyOne Insights in Higher Education Degree Completion Nontraditional Learners Transfer and Articulation Adult Degree Completion Workforce Development Prior Learning Assessment

Interest in degree completion by all Americans is at an all-time high as our nation looks to meet the demands of our workforce and to ensure our economic stability long-term. Adult degree completion, both for adults with some college credit and those who have never attended college, is an integral part of realizing these goals. Although once considered unconventional, adult students have been a growing population for colleges, especially with online programs and courses reducing barriers for them. At a time when government funding to colleges and universities has decreased dramatically, colleges and universities are provided with an opportunity to increase their enrollment and revenue by serving the needs of these adults through outreach and advising resources.

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5 Reasons Why Higher Ed Needs to be Mobile Responsive

Posted on 11/10/2014 by Steve Mincer in Higher Education Transfer and Articulation Mobile Responsive Design Content Management SEO User Experience

As students, faculty, and staff increasingly access information through mobile devices, they expect to find useful information in a quick and efficient manner. As a result, higher education websites need to ensure that desired information and services can be easily and effectively accessed. Responsive web design is an approach that applies standards-based technologies to create websites that can automatically adjust to fit any device, browser, screen size or orientation.

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What is the Real Cost of College Transfer?

Posted on 10/21/2014 by AcademyOne Insights in Higher Education Degree Completion Nontraditional Learners Transfer and Articulation

College students transfer from one college to another for a variety of reasons. With every one there is a transfer tax – a financial consequence - that is not only incurred by students but higher education institutions, states and the nation. It is the added cost resulting from students taking courses that don’t impact degree completion outcomes and lost course credits. We have to examine the impact of the transfer tax on all stakeholders to reveal the true implications that college transfer has on higher education.

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Elevating Higher Education to the Cloud

Posted on 10/15/2013 by AcademyOne Insights in Higher Education Cloud Computing

Cloud computing. It’s no longer just a trend anymore – it’s a tried and true technology solution that reduces IT complexity, boosts operational efficiency and lowers costs for businesses. Mostly employed by corporations, cloud computing is now gaining momentum across the higher education industry.

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