AcademyOne Announces National Reverse Transfer Software Solution

AcademyOne is making their AwardED™ technology that transforms how colleges and universities award students credit when it's due available for use to institutions nationwide beginning January 2019.

Many states and institutions have outlined and adopted policies surrounding reverse transfer to reach degree attainment goals. Every year they see a myriad of students who have started at a two-year institution transfer to a four-year before earning a credential. Meanwhile, along the way to earning their baccalaureate degree, these students accumulate enough credits to merit the award of an associate degree retroactively.

AcademyOne’s solution eliminates the subsequent institutional workload burden of implementing reverse transfer initiatives by automating the manual and time-consuming procedures involved. It streamlines the workflow processes of coordinating student identification and consent, maintaining compliance to FERPA rules, aggregating and exchanging equivalency data and course history, and running simulated degree audits.

“Thirteen Tennessee community colleges currently use our reverse transfer software and have awarded more than 2,000 degrees as a result,” said President and COO, Mike McIntyre. “Equally impressive is how the inclusion of the degree audit toolset has allowed them to scale efforts without overwhelming their staff. They estimate that this alone has collectively saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and labor costs.”

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