College Transfer Portals

How can we at the state or system level make navigating the college transfer process easier for students and reduce any administrative burdens the transfer evaluation and articulation process places on our institutions?

AcademyOne’s ArticulatED™ multi-institutional portals provide a centralized and trusted source of transfer information and resources for students. Our content management system, software applications, and a repository of data simplifies the way your institutions create, manage, and distribute their transfer and articulation information.

How it Works

ArticulatED™ empowers student access and success initiatives with intuitive workflow and publishing tools that utilize a shared data store to simplify the way your institutions and their academic departments propose, evaluate, determine, and promote equivalencies and transfer articulation information.

One Platform

Implement a fully responsive web destination that provides your institutions access to tools and resources in support of student mobility. They can compile an online library of courses, programs, equivalencies, and articulation agreements for a more robust student experience.

Automate Transfer Pathways

Give students a simulated transfer degree audit that provides them with an online checklist showing how their courses will transfer and count toward baccalaureate programs of study at your institutions and what requirements remain unmet.

Qualified Leads

College profiles give your institutions a larger online presence to publicize their transfer admissions and credit policies. Providing students with the option to request more information or share their passport allows your institutions to engage and attract prospective students.

Will My Credits Transfer?

Your institutions can customize our widget and embed it directly on their transfer admission and equivalency web pages. Students can search for equivalencies and enter their courses and assessments to see how their prior learning will be given transfer credit.

Better Equivalency Management

Your institutions can easily create, manage, and distribute equivalencies with our course equivalency management center. Equivalency synchronizers eliminate the time and effort needed to maintain equivalencies by tracking changes between any SIS used by your institutions and our portal applications.

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics

Increase your institutional productivity, communication, accuracy, and timeliness with usage and status system data that enhances the ability to make better informed, evidence-based decisions.

Who Benefits?

ArticulatED™ allows our state and systemwide multi-institutional clients to integrate their information and structured processes across departmental and institutional boundaries. Productivity is unleashed when you provide your faculty and staff with tools that bridge data and reduce duplicative effort and manual tasks. With a one-stop destination, your students can immediately see how their prior learning will be given credit by your institutions and are able to make better academic decisions to stay on track and finish their degree.

What People Are Saying

What our valuable customer are saying about us?

Access to up-to-date course equivalency information is extremely vital to students, faculty, and staff. If is necessary to have this information in one easily accessible and navigable place. AcademyOne has done a great job with this. SCTRAC provides a wealth of knowledge and is easy to use to find information.

Taylor Johnston Director of Institutional Effectiveness Lander University

We are excited to refresh Utah's transfer guide and hope that with forthcoming enhancements, it will provide students with easily accessible and more robust transfer information for each public college and university in Utah. We look forward to working with AcademyOne to strengthen the Utah transfer guide to better serve Utah students.

Commissioner Dave Woolstenhulme Utah System of Higher Education

What I think is the key to providing students with the tools they need to make smart decisions about transfer – decisions which make sense to themselves and their families – is providing clear academic information, accurate and transparent information about how credit and programs will line up. AcademyOne is helping the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Community Colleges work together to provide this kind of transparency to our students in an easy-to-use format through ArticulatED.

Amanda Reeder Director of Transfer Relations
University of Wyoming