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Delaware County Community College Takes the Guesswork out Transfer to Help Students Stay on Track to Graduation

  • PublishedJanuary 16th 2024
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The Guided Pathways Model seeks to simplify the college journey by providing structured course choices supported with revamped support services to help more students achieve their college completion and career goals. Improved student advising is a pillar of the movement many community colleges are addressing by evaluating and more clearly mapping their academic programs through articulation agreements with partner receiving institutions to ensure they lead to further education and good jobs. Delaware County Community College determined that partnering with AcademyOne to develop and implement our AdvisED™ online, self-service advising application was what they needed to make the most out of their agreements and best guide their students to degree completion.

The Story of Transfer Advising at DCCC

Every semester, Delaware County Community College’s Transfer Office advises thousands of students who are moving along various stages of their educational pathway. While the college’s academic advisors are very adept at assisting students in making decisions about programs, courses, and other aspects of academic planning, they are not always as familiar with the implications for students planning to transfer to another institution. Committed to the success of their students Delaware County decided the best way to address this obstacle would be to provide them with an online, degree mapping self-help tool. Their vision was an application to complement current advising processes by providing students additional guidance regarding completion of their associate degree and their best transfer opportunities.

The Obstacle Delaware County Faced Before Implementing AdvisED™

Even though transfer advisors are available on every campus, they are limited in number. And, with over 50% of the college’s student population transferring, the Transfer Office found it a challenge to meet with every one of them. During peak periods, wait times for advising sessions were averaging between one and two weeks.

Why DCCC Chose AdvisED™

Having worked with AcademyOne during the implementation and ongoing support of Pennsylvania’s Transfer and Articulation Center web portal, Delaware County was confident that our wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise would result in the development of an effective solution that could be customized to fit their needs and achieve their goals. Partnering closely with DCCC, we mapped out and developed the features and functionality of AdvisEDTM, branded for the college as TransferCheck.

Our objective was to retain students through graduation while still supporting transfer to the four-year institutions we have agreements with. TransferCheck not only aligns with this objective, but it also helps ease the burden on our transfer advisors by reducing their number of appointments with online student self-service

Nora Manz, Delaware County Community College Director of Advising, Transfer and Articulation
AdvisED™ Features

The software not only gives Delaware County the ability to publicize their agreements, but it also has a checklist builder tool allowing the college to codify agreement requirements that support the functionality behind a student’s progress check.

Explore Majors and Transfer Opportunities

Prospective and current students can find colleges and universities that have Guaranteed and Dual Admission, Core-to-Core, and Program-to-Program Agreements with Delaware County by major. They can view the highlights or details of each agreement.

Automated Progress Checklists

Current students who know which institution and program to which they wish to transfer can quickly check their academic progress toward both their associate degree and against that institution’s transfer requirements by major. They can also see courses they still need to take to fulfill anything outstanding.

Transferable In and Out Course Searches

Prospective students can find out how Delaware County will award credit for their transfer courses. Current students can conduct searches by institution, location, or equivalency to find out how their courses will be accepted by a partner institution.

Proven Results

The application provides DCCC students with the means to be more engaged and informed in their academic planning. They can easily choose relevant courses to complete their associate degree while following a transfer agreement roadmap to their four-year institution of choice. AdvisEDTM is a simple and intuitive tool that enables them to make educated choices, reduces their chances of wasting time and money on unnecessary courses, and ultimately helps them finish their degree on time.

DCCC’s advising team uses the software frequently, particularly during peak times such as registration and drop/add periods when appointments are at a premium. As a result, the Transfer Office is better able to keep up with the number of students requesting advising sessions. It provides a framework to deliver accurate and consistent transfer data across all campuses with up-to-date information needed to answer simple transfer credit questions. It also helps make advising appointments less about course registration and more goal oriented. The admissions office has found it to be invaluable to prospective students that have questions about how their transfer courses will be accepted.

As a faculty advisor, TransferCheck has proven to be a valuable tool. I use it to help my students make decisions about which institution to transfer to and then as a guide to complete required coursework. It is easy to use, and students can track their own progress. Advising appointments are now more about setting educational and career goals and less about which courses they should take.

Jean Allison, M. Ed. Delaware County Community College Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

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