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We are AcademyOne, a creative software development and consulting company committed to making today's higher education technology solutions smarter. We’ve grown since our beginning in 2006, when our sole focus was college transfer. Today, we are dedicated to delivering high-impact products that simplify processes, build strong relationships through teamwork and better engage on-the-move 21st century learners with the means to devise stronger academic plans.


Meet Our Leadership Team

It's not just about the solution, it's about working with the right people passionate about what we do.

David Moldoff

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As the Founder and CEO of AcademyOne, Dave has made an impact on thousands of higher education institutions throughout his career. He has spent the last four decades launching and running technology companies and building his reputation as an industry expert in software architecture and systems integration, specifically across the many facets of the education sector. He is especially committed to addressing the technological and systemic issues surrounding academic credit portability, college access and degree completion strategies.

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In the cage with my son


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Love fixing everything


Dr. Who, Sci Fi with my daughter

Mike McIntyre

President and Chief Operations Officer

Mike leads the company’s sales and marketing efforts. He began his career in university administration before transitioning to the private sector, serving the higher education and corporate training marketplaces. As an entrepreneur, he has started two companies, driven organic sales growth, executed strategic acquisitions, formed key partnerships and sold/merged businesses.

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Has over 2,000 Pez dispensers


Meditates with his wife everyday


Eats a vegetarian diet

Troy Starcher

Vice President of Development

Troy Starcher is our Vice President of Development. He has worked with technology in higher education for over two decades. Prior to joining AcademyOne, Troy worked for Sunguard Higher Education and before that he worked with David Moldoff as the Vice President of Technology at Applied Business Technology, acquired by SCT/Sunguard in 2002. Troy has led the AcademyOne development team, which has expanded and contracted with contractors from 7 to 20 for over a decade building and curating the platforms utilized by our clients. He also supports the internal development infrastructure utilized by the staff.

Karen Todd

Vice President of Client Engagements

Karen Todd is our Vice President and General Manager for Client Services, has worked within the technology industry for the benefit of higher education since 1988. Karen entered the education sector working for Apple. She has over fifteen years of project management experience at AcademyOne, and works meticulously with our clients in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Delaware, Texas, Utah, Ontario and Tennessee on their wide scope transfer and articulation ventures. Karen’s vast knowledge of the higher education industry allows her to bring best practices and tailored consulting to each client, while helping to turn their needs into actionable plans, processes and solutions making AcademyOne’s project execution clear and straightforward.


Our Mission

Improving Student and Institutional Performance

We know the devil is in the details and work hard every day to create and implement innovative digitally driven solutions and methodologies that are guaranteed to improve both the institution and learner experience.


Our Merit

AcademyOne is a recognized industry thought leader in the higher education sphere providing high impact tools and applications that center around the global mobility of academic credit and recognition of prior learning.

The Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council’s annual Best Practices Competition recognizes organizations that have created collaborative data solutions using standards that employ automated, reusable and sustainable technologies to improve institutional performance, student service delivery and electronic connectivity between stakeholders. AcademyOne’s clients are two-time recipients of this award.

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, a leader in the field of prior learning assessment services, has partnered with AcademyOne to provide a software platform and technical expertise to clients who require a collaborative, multi-institutional PLA solution.

The Groningen Declaration seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens worldwide by bringing together key stakeholders in the digital student data ecosystem. AcademyOne is one of a few for-profit organizations invited to participate in this international organization’s discussions and workshops.

AcademyOne has been asked on several occasions to provide expert testimony on issues surrounding the transfer of academic credit and bridging student information systems with shared technology between higher education institutions in the United States.