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Are transfer students important to meeting your institutional enrollment and revenue goals? Higher ed institutions across the nation are facing dynamic enrollment challenges, while the number of students transferring continues to climb. Thousands of colleges and universities utilize our nationwide platform CollegeTransfer.Net to answer students when they want to know how their prior learning will be accepted and awarded credit.

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CollegeTransfer.Net supports your successful enrollment initiatives. Open new recruitment opportunities by region, school, program and more. Give mobile students the tools they need to easily evaluate how their credits will transfer to your school. Minimize the effort needed to publicize your school's transfer guides, equivalencies and transfer credit policies.
  • Showcase your institution’s Transfer Profile to prospective students nationwide
  • Promote your transfer admission requirements and credit policies in one place with information about financial aid, scholarships, tuition, and fees
  • Provide contact information, social media links, and enrollment statistics
  • Publish your course and exam equivalencies and articulation agreements to answer the question Will My Credits Transfer
  • Give prospective students the ability to request more information allowing you to track and engage qualified leads
Minimize the effort needed to publicize your transfer equivalencies, credit policies and guides using a web application hosted on CollegeTransfer.Net, freeing you from database maintenance and installing version upgrades. Certify your advisors, staff, administrators and students are accessing accurate and up-to-date transfer equivalencies on CollegeTransfer.Net with the Equivalency Synchronizer.

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With over 2.8 million page views annually, CollegeTransfer.Net can increase your visibility to students looking for information and guidance on transferring colleges. Our intuitive searches provide students access to over 1,200 colleges and university transfer profiles and their programs, courses, course and exam equivalencies, and articulation agreements.

Tools for Institutions

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By using our platform, tools, and applications your institution can streamline workflows supporting transfer articulation.

Transfer Profile Management Center – TPMC provides you with the means to create your institutional profile on CollegeTransfer.Net to highlight and promote transfer admission and credit policies to students.

Course Equivalency Management Center – CEMC is designed to simplify and manage the decision-making process for course equivalencies within your institution or with your partner institutions.

Transfer Agreement Management Center – TAMC provides your institution with a single repository for recording transfer agreements that can be uploaded to a searchable database for students.

Equivalency Synchronizer is designed to track the creation, update, and deletion of equivalency data in your Student Information System and automatically update CollegeTransfer.Net with changes to maintain accurate and consistent information.

Transfer Center Express is a customizable equivalency widget that you can place on your college’s website allowing students to instantly learn how their credits will transfer.

Tools for Students

With CollegeTransfer.Net, students can compile their prior learning, self-assess how it will count using simulation applications, and connect meaningfully with your transfer friendly institution.

Student Passport provides students with a central repository for storing information like their academic credit history, equivalency maps, and transcripts or any type of electronic document. They can share the information they have stored in their passport with your advisors.

Course History Importer provides students with the ability to download their record of courses and grades into their passport from your Student Information System.

Will My Credits Transfer helps students explore their best options based on the transferability of their completed and planned courses and assessments.

Equivalency Maps provide students with personalized views of how their past, current, and future courses will map to equivalent courses at your institution.

Student Passport

“Misericordia provides many opportunities for transfer students and has been a leader in serving the needs of transfer student and their families for decades. The tools available through AcademyOne and CollegeTransfer.Net will enhance our highly personalized approach to working with transfer students to obtain their degree in an efficient and effective manner”
- Edward Lahart, Misericordia University Registrar

Here are just a few benefits of CollegeTransfer.Net

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Meaningful Engagement

Provide transfer students with the tools they need to easily evaluate how their credits will transfer to your college.

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Save Time & Resources

Minimize the effort needed to publicize your transfer equivalencies, credit policies, and admission requirements.

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Increase Enrollment

Open new recruitment opportunities with qualified leads who request more information about your institution.

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Ensure Accurate Date

Maintain, and publish course equivalencies between SIS or degree audit systems.

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Improve Access & Success

Give students self-advising tools with real-time, accurate data.

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Increase Efficiency

Streamline your processes with automated workflow and publishing tools.