Guided pathways provide community college students with meaningful degree completion plans and prevent them from incurring substantial debt. We rise to the challenge of aiding overburdened institutional advising teams with proactive tools that retain students through graduation, while supporting transfer and financial transparency.

The CompletionAtlas™ is an automated student success planner suite that delivers course mapping checklist and financial aid management e-Advising software.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, tuition over the last three decades has more than doubled and transfer students are losing an average of 13 credits.

  • Virtual Transfer Advisor

    A degree audit application that helps students plan their transfer by knowing exactly how their coursework will earn an associate degree at your institution and be accepted for credit toward a baccalaureate major.

  • Student Financial Advisor

    A web-based tool that allows students to align financial aid decisions with their long-term academic and career goals by providing detailed, personalized plans of funding resources and a loan repayment calculator.

Virtual Transfer Advisor

Your institution can streamline the guidance process to support advisors with up-to-date information available in one place. Students benefit with an online resource that allows them to choose relevant courses, especially during peak registration and drop/add times when face-to-face advising appointments are at a premium. Ultimately, they are better able to stay on track with prescribed transfer pathways saving time and money to degree completion.

Explore Majors and Transfer Opportunities

Through an administrative dashboard, your staff uploads official articulation agreements and assigns them to receiving institutions and specific majors. Prospective and current students can then search and view the highlights or particular details of each.

Progress Checklists

Using single-sign on, current students can create coursework roadmaps by institution and major that spell out exactly how the credits they have already earned will count and what requirements remain unfulfilled.

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Student Financial Advisor

Your institution provides the means for students to develop a solid financial plan with realistic cost expectations. They can determine how much time and money it will cost to complete a degree, how much financial aid is available to them and make more informed borrowing decisions.

Bring Transparency to the Cost of a Degree

The logic of the Department of Education’s Net Price Calculator is incorporated into our software, so students are furnished with the tuition and fees of their specific degrees as well as any additional direct and indirect educational expenses. Students are encouraged to file a FAFSA to uncover all aid opportunities, and once complete their information is imported directly from your student information system.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Both current and future expected debt is assimilated along with individual contributions to populate the tool so students can compare possible future loan payments based on labor statistics for various careers within their chosen field of study.