Working with
Two Year Institutions

Solutions to Improve Performance and Outcomes

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Addressing Persistence and Transfer

Utilize technology to enhance advising and guidance between two-year and four-year institutions with real-time progress tracking and alerts.

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College Transfer Confusion

Share your course equivalencies and transfer agreements to help students avoid the struggle with disjointed advice, surface analysis and assumptions.

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Student Debt

Employ technology to summarize funding and payment options to present simulated investment and payback implications aligned with career aspirations.

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Comprehensive Learning Records

Bridge and address the shortcomings of decentralized data stores of past, present and future learning that complicate assessment and learner guidance.

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Prior Learning Assessment

Make use of technology to share assessment practices and comparability and applicability decisions to avoid delays that complicate enrollment, study plans and cost.

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Reverse Transfer

Establish and maintain a shared workflow with technology that bridges separate data systems recording a learner’s academic history across institutions.

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Transfer Advising

Enhance guidance efforts for learners who have busy schedules with online, self-service steps that have checkpoints, alerts and connections to advisors.

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Transfer Articulation

Validate and articulate credit awards for petition claims from unknown institutions faster with course syllabi and learning outcomes, measures and attributes.

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College value and learning outcomes

Convey the learning experiences offered. Each learner's gain is attributable to what effort they invest and apply. Analytics can measure and report on events and actions followed. Which ones preduct student success can be linked and elevated.

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Will My Credits Transfer and Count?

Better serve prospective students as they consider enrollment with online roadmaps that spell out how prior coursework will apply toward a program of study.

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Petition for Credit

Improve workflow, responsiveness, and rigor with technology that streamlines data gathering, comparability and the assessment of prior learning.

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ERP/SIS Integration Services

Are expensive and labor intensive due to stale proprietary technologies. The business logic to post and query data from the enterprise data store is duplicated across many functions. The lack of standardization incrases the cost to integrate.

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Experiencial Learning Experiences

Can't be ignored. Adults accunmulate experiences over time. They achieve and accelerate through college given their formal and informal sources of learning. Isolating and ignoring them is not the answer, especially when the learner can demonstrate with evidence they have mastered a subject and would be better served giving them credit.

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Varied Capabilities and Resources

Compound how institutions attempt and serve their market. Serving a large rural population is different than serving an urban area. Industries vary by locale. Few institiutions can do everything well, given the limited resources. Leveraging technology is also limited by capabilities.

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Student Success

Is more than a phrase. It needs to be supported by instituitions and departments connected together. It needs to embrace proactive and reactive efforts that can be linked by strategy, technology, dilligence and management. What attributes predict success?