Publishing Guided Pathways so Learners
Can Find and Follow

A guided pathway is a checklist of what courses and requirements need to be satisfied to earn a degree or credential and transfer the net total credits to the receiving institution.    Usually, an institution may offer a hundred or more majors.  Each major has requirements layered with pre-requsities and co-requisites.

multi-institution transfer portal

My Prior Learning

Make it easy for Students to view their prior course work with S3 or enter their coursework to view how it would transfer.

course evaluation work flow

Find and Follow Pathway

Make it easy for Students to view their program to program course guide so they can save and share them.  Term course maps are an easy way to convey course requirements and how prior learning would satisfy them.

guided pathways

View Progress

Enable learners to play whatif and change majors.  Let them review the checklists andhow their prior learning would count.


The Advised widget, when placed on an instituition's website can connect with Google Analytics - providing insights into transfer students visiting your transfer center pages.   Students can single-sign on to the application which also automatically imports their coursework and progress when needed.  Then, a Student can check their progress toward completing the requirements.  If a threshold is met, an additonal option can be offered to apply online using the Pathway.