Software Technology
Advancing College Completion

Addressing the Challenges Facing Higher Education

Enrollment, persistence and attainment dictate the need for software technologies where states and institutions connect meaningfully with nontraditional students who need specialized services.  Higher education is not a one size fits all market.  We have thousands of institiutions with varying types and mission.  Each has limited resources.  The challenge is to provide learners, faculty, advisors and administrators access to timely academic, financial and administrative advising resources, while reducing administrative workload and delay.

Improving college completion starts by giving students the tools that improve the accuracy of information they receive and the efficiency of how it is delivered. Provide interactive self-service applications that unify and sequence steps implementing policy effectively.  Making college affordable is a primary objective of many state-led initiatives.   We help make a difference by sharing repositories, infrastructure and adopting common practices.


Transfer Articulation Portals

One-third of today’s students attend more than one institution on their way to a credential. Our portals leveraging the application tools, shared college and university repository and infrastructure of provide those who do with useful and exact information about transfer options to overcome the obstacles they would face with loss of credits.

Institutional Administrative Workflow and Publishing Applications

Transfer Profile Management Center

Helps you market your information on a broader scale. Requirements are displayed on your profile, as well as valuable links to your website and social media outlets. Leads can be engaged and tracked by providing the ability to request more information.

Course Equivalency Management Center

Simplifies the upload and organization of equivalencies sourced from multiple student information management systems. It automates and streamlines the way your staff proposes, evaluates and decides upon equivalency information.

Equivalency Synchronizer

Reduces time and effort needed to maintain consistent course equivalencies by tracking changes between your SIS or degree audit system and our solution eliminating the need for double entry.

Transfer Agreement Management Center

Allows you to manage the online publication and promotion of articulation agreements. Documents can be uploaded for display, and intuitive search options make them easy to find.

Transfer Center Express

Uses the data you have provided within the portal to populate a customizable widget for your website. It gives students easy access to equivalency and transfer agreement information.

Tools for Meaningful Student Advising

Student Passport

A digital portfolio of compiled academic and prior learning history to share with advisors.

Coursework Importer

A secure interface that imports a student’s course history from institutional data systems.

Program Maps

A transfer degree audit showing how courses will count toward specific majors by institution.

Course Equivalency Maps

A view of how past, current and future courses are equivalent to those at another institution.

Will My Credits Transfer

An interactive application to explore opportunities based on the mobility of academic history to other institutions.

Intuitive Searches

Access to institutional transfer profiles, agreements and equivalency information.

Prior Learning Assessment

It’s estimated that 65% of postsecondary learning occurs outside the classroom. Our solution provides institutions and statewide systems a common platform for the evaluation and recognition of credit in support of PLA initiatives. Students have a single point of entry to learn about assessment policies and opportunities available to them.

Enhance Recruitment and Persistence

Eligibility Wizard

Users answer a series of questions to qualify their level of experience and determine if petitioning for PLA credit is right for them.


Assessors have access to common scoring criteria with expected learning outcomes to help evaluate credit petitions with consistency.


Students connect with an advisor to match their prior learning with appropriate courses and apply for PLA credit, or explore other options.


A command center where students can create and manage their petitions, check recent activity, view notifications and edit their profile.


Students build an online petition for credit with supporting documentation to demonstrate their knowledge.

Message Center

Allows students, assessors and advisors to communicate. Messages are saved for history and tracking purposes.


Assigns a member of your faculty or staff to evaluate e-portfolios and make credit award decisions.

System Reports

Provides data on students that have submitted petitions and committed to pay assessment fees.

Reverse Transfer

Each year thousands of community college students transfer to four-year institutions, often before completing an associate degree leaving them without a credential. Our system leverages programs between institutions by assimilating data from student information systems and automating the degree audit process.

Alleviate Manual Burdens of Compiling Student Credit and Performing Audit Evaluations

Student Identification

Four-year institutions query their records to identify students eligible for a degree and upload them into the system.

Degree Conferral & Advising

Students who have met all requirements are notified and awarded a degree. Those who have not are advised about what remains outstanding.


The system emails students eligible to participate in the reverse transfer process. By opting-in, they consent to the sharing of their course histories.

Degree Audit

A simulated audit is run to map course histories against requirements. Those who have met the requirements, or are close, are pinpointed and their audits become available for a formal review by the two-year college.

Transcript Exchange

Both two- and four-year institutions upload the course histories of consenting students for the audit process.

Adult Degree Completion

Improving the qualifications of our workforce creates a more sustainable, competitive economic landscape. Our portal is a dedicated, interactive solution that attracts adults looking to finish what they started or change the course of a career. Providing an online point of entry to participating institutions helps them find and enroll in a program that best fits time and monetary constraints.

Re-Engage Adults with the Tailored Support They Require

Student Passport

A portfolio to compile and maintain prior learning and share it with an advisor.

Cost Calculator

A tool to estimate and compare by institution and program of study what it will cost and how long it will take to earn a degree.

Program Maps

An assessment of how previous credits earned will transfer toward a specific major at participating institutions.

Equivalency Maps

A view of how previous coursework will be accepted and awarded credit at participating institutions.

Intuitive Searches

Access to college profiles, exam and course equivalencies and articulation agreements.

Career & Technical Education

CTE offers high school students opportunities for career awareness and preparation by providing the academic and professional knowledge and work-related skills necessary to be successful in college and career. It plays a key role in strengthening our economy by providing a source of well-trained talent that can fill high-priority occupations.

Prepare Students to Enter the Job Market Ready

Data Management

Tools to upload program information, course data and articulation agreements. A systematic data collection process keeps information current. Participating institutions can propose credit packages offered documenting the requirements.


Promotion and Publication

Tools to sequence the approval and publication of credit packages offered and accepted by colleges and universities.

Credit Searches

Students see how their courses will be awarded credit at participating colleges, universities and technical centers.