AccountED™ Student Financial Planner

Improving Financial Literacy

Bring Transparency to the Cost of a Degree

AccountED presents the impact of financial aid, borrowing and student budgeting decisions. It presents a holistic view of the financial implications of a student's academic plan. It provides online tools that detail funding resources, true cost expectations and a loan repayment calculator based upon realistic future earnings.

FAFSA completion

FAFSA Application

Encourage those who are unaware of or wrongly assume they are ineligible to complete and submit the FAFSA.

College Cost calculator

Net Price Clarity

Provide realistic estimates about tuition, fees and out-of-pocket living expenses they might not consider.

student loan repayment

Debt Expounded

Put a stop to the tendency of over-borrowing loans by showing realistic future payment expectations.

reduce student debt

Retention & Completion

Preclude students who are overwhelmed by the prospect of burdensome debt from dropping out.

AccountED Features

Academic Estimate

An overall view of how much it is going to cost a student to earn a degree at your institution that considers expected expenses and any financial aid.

  • Students are encouraged to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Provide a net cost calculator that incorporates your official Financial Aid Packages
  • Display an annual summary forecasted to six years of direct and indirect costs minus funding, as well as accrued debt
estimating college costs

Loan Payoff

An estimate of total monthly loan payments a student can expect after graduation.

  • Students provide unpaid accrued and forecasted loan information to determine debt
  • Automatically populate the data with details from their Academic Estimate and historical loan information
  • Show them total estimated payments, remaining principal and a total paid including interest
estimating college loan payments


A better understanding of how much money a student will need at minimum to afford expenses after college.

  • Help guide their decision-making process that includes both borrowing for school and viable careers
  • Students anticipate probable outlays for general expenditures, debt repayment and future savings
  • Give them a minimum salary expectation that will be necessary for them to support expenses and cost of living

Technology SSO, API'S, Hosting Options

Advanced software technology to support prior learning assessment and recognition

  • Software as a service, scalable performance
  • SSO with your identity providers
  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System
  • Host on-premise or in the cloud
  • Scalable performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Webhook and Coursework Importer to initiate Learner info.