Academic Credit Assessment and Prior Learning Recognition Software

How can my institution implement an academic credit management system that facilitates the internal evaluation and recognition of learning claims from prior coursework, credentials, and experiential knowledge?

AcademyOne’s AdvancED™ is an automated solution that improves the availability of academic credit portability and prior learning recognition information to learners, reduces faculty and staff credit assessment and award offer turnaround times, and establishes a central repository to manage credit offer precedents and rules for reuse.

How it Works

AdvancED™ is a platform wherein your college or university can create a logical, authoritative, and transparent library of learning claims and outcomes to attract learners and better guide them to completion.

Engage Learners

The Credit Modeler helps you interest learners with prescriptive pathways and personalized comparable maps. It is a public-facing tool where they can explore credit opportunities, calculate approximate award offers, and save their workspace for further exploration.

Evidence of Learning

The Learner Center is a centralized application where learners create, submit, and manage their petitions for credit with a systematized guide to compile their knowledge claims. A dashboard helps them monitor progress and shows other credit opportunities.

Petition Workflow

Streamline your institutional evaluation and credit award processes with a framework that provides a structured format to administer the assessment of learning claims from outside sources. Associated tasks are coordinated between administrative departments, and your faculty and staff are freed of manual and duplicate effort with the reuse of established precedents and comparables.

Support Transferability and Credit Assessment

The Pathway Builder automates the creation and publication of completion opportunities for your institution that have been evaluated and established meeting institutional policies and business rules. It allows you to record approvals and policy overrides and share pathways to simplify and accelerate your advising and articulation practices.

Improve Outcomes

Pathway Checklists provide learners with real- time pathway requirements ensuring they stay on course to graduation. Easy to follow progress guides are available that outline next steps to completing a degree or qualification.

Institutional Oversight

The Credit Manager facilitates the petition evaluation process with defined steps for review, validation, articulation, advising, and conveyance with a task audit trail. It shifts the practice of weighing credit from solely course equivalencies to credentials, courses, skills, knowledge areas, and competencies.

Who Benefits?

With AdvancED™ our clients have the means to eliminate manual internal or expensive outsourced evaluation processes. They find value being in control of the articulation decision making process and reduced credit offer turnaround times. Learners have dedicated points of entry to explore credit opportunities, then move forward with compiling and submitting an informed petition for credit.

What People Are Saying

What are our valuable customers saying about us?

It was our goal to deliver more timely and efficient credit offers. The system accomplished this by allowing faculty to record credit determinations in a centralized database which is exposed to prospective learners.

David Stoward Project Manager Technology Services, University of Adelaide

Business process improvements in concert with a new system provide a more consistent experience for our students. We have replaced multiple, disparate, paper-based credit application forms with one entry point for students making it easier to apply for credit.

Mario De Nardis Business Analyst Technology Services, University of Adelaide