Automated Transfer Pathways


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Coursework and exam credits already earned can be transferred into any institution in a variety of ways. A major advantage that you can give students when they are deciding if they should change colleges, universities, or majors is knowing not only If but How their prior learning is, or isn’t, going to count toward the degree requirements of a specific program of study. TransferCheck is our self-service guidance application that provides students with the means to be more productive in their academic planning.

It's This Easy.

TransferCheck uses web services to interface with degree requirements coded in the software and prepopulated established equivalencies to provide a digital, simulated transfer degree audit checklist. All a student has to do to explore their best options and find the right institution or major is login to your state or system ArticulatED™ portal, import or add their prior learning, and choose a major. Ultimately, they gain insight into exactly what credits they have will best help them save time and money toward furthering their postsecondary education path and degree completion.

Transfer Check
Transfer Check

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