Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition System

How can my statewide or multi-institutional system establish a solid prior learning assessment and recognition infrastructure that both provides consistency and transparency while maintaining institutional autonomy?

AcademyOne’s AssessED™ portal and software applications provide a common platform and framework for the evaluation of learning and knowledge gained outside of the classroom in support of your state and system-wide PLA and PLR initiatives.

How it Works

AssessED™ connects learners with an advisor for one-on-one consultations and walks them through the steps of creating and submitting a portfolio that details their experiential learning to showcase how it best aligns with their petition for college credit. After advisor approval, a qualified faculty member is assigned to review the documentation to ensure that learning competencies and outcomes are being validated before determining a credit award.

Intuitive User Interface & Experience

Learners easily determine credit eligibility, connect with advisors at their target institution to find courses that align with their experience, create a petition, pay an assessment fee, build then submit their Portfolio with supporting documentation.

Simplify Learning Claims and Workflow

Our software applications and tools automate your advising, evaluation, and credit for prior learning award workflow processes to reduce the burden of work and communication done manually by your faculty and staff.

Promote Institutional Autonomy

Evaluations are done by faculty members with expertise in the subject matter using an agreed upon baseline rubric with common scoring criteria and expected learning outcomes to ensure credit petitions are evaluated with consistency.

Map Crosswalks to Educational Opportunities

Keep your faculty experts from duplicating their efforts by including previously evaluated military experience, training experience, standardized exams, certificates, and credentials that map to course credit in the database for learners to discover.

Productive Analytics and Reporting

Increase your overall accuracy and timeliness of future prior learning assessment strategic planning efforts by collecting, processing, and interpreting system data on students that have submitted petitions and committed to paying assessment fees. .

Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

See increased enrollment, progression, and completion rates when you reduce barriers to access and affordability by awarding non-traditional and disadvantaged learners course credits in a subject where they can demonstrate prior experiential knowledge.

Who Benefits?

Our clients who have implemented AssessED™ have seen benefits across the board. Students of all types are encouraged to pursue their degree. Colleges and universities see an improvement in student access, retention, and success. And ultimately, states are better able to meet the demands of today’s knowledge driven economy and workforce needs.

What People Are Saying

What are our valuable customers saying about us?

I am a one-person office. The AssessED™ software enables me to manage the Prior Learning Assessment process from start to finish. The software has simplified what the student and faculty need to do. What was once a time-consuming manual process has become a very manageable task!

Carrie Delaney Lorain County Community College Projects Coordinator of PLA & Career ReStart

What we’re assessing is learning outcomes that have already been met and those vary greatly from individual to individual depending on their experiences and the training that they might have had. AcademyOne’s solution provides us with the tools we need to recognize and award credit, regardless of how an individual acquired their prior learning.

Dr. Kathrine Swanson former Montgomery County Community College VP for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

I petitioned five courses for PLA credit through College Credit FastTrack and each one was approved, giving me a total of 13 credits. The portal was intuitive and guided me along the entire process. I was able to easily upload my portfolio, supporting my knowledge and experience through examples of my work, such as Medicare reports I create in my current position.

Cathy Thompson Medical Coding/Billing Specialist, Mother of Two, and Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Student