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Implementing Higher Education Software Technology


Our higher education technology services bring a wealth of experience and insight to any initiative. We strive to craft solutions with a team comprised of subject matter experts and technical know how that will exceed expectations.

higher education technology consulting services



Our consultants offer insights and proven methodologies to strengthen your vision, facilitate coordination among your stakeholders and elevate the success of your projects. Aligning strategy and objectives to define scope, cost and a project time-frame enables technology capability.

  • Business Analysis

    We perform a thorough study of your current situation to help formalize a vision, prioritize business requirements, define success metrics and coordinate an effective strategic plan. With an actionable technology roadmap, your solution is managed and refined to perfection.

  • Project Management

    By acting as both a process mentor and facilitator, we ensure your product gets delivered on time and within budget. Throughout the delivery lifecycle, we encourage communication and teamwork to share vital information and progress reports on a regular basis.

  • Needs Analysis

    Our development team works with you to craft a user experience focused on ease of use and efficiency. We ensure your business goals are met by solving existing product usability issues and validating a concept solution that utilizes responsive navigation design.

  • Customization

    Our baseline solutions can be tailored to meet your unique needs. We follow a structured agile approach that allows us to gather feedback and meter change for a truly optimized software solution.

higher education technology implementation services



Who better to guarantee the successful implementation of your software than the team who created it? AcademyOne is dedicated to insuring your project’s success, and is recognized for on-time and as promised delivery. We help you put our products into action smartly to achieve better outcomes.

  • Data Conversion & Onboarding

    Our platforms are carefully architected to aggregate data from a wide variety of sources, information systems and file formats for conversion into standardized forms to ensure smooth functionality within our applications.

  • Documentation

    Written guides with step-by-step descriptions and associated images of how to use our tools are provided by us in addition to personalized training.

  • Training

    The best way to get your staff familiar with the software is to present interactive, virtual training. We perform in-depth sessions personalized for users to explain the software tools and usage. Additional support is available via our help desk.

  • Ongoing Support

    Post-launch support is offered with guaranteed emergency response times. If a core function of the software is inhibited, a workaround or patch is initiated within 24 hours.

higher education technology systems integration services

Systems Integration


We employ loosely coupled web services to simplify the access, exchange and synchronization of data across our solutions and your student information system.

  • Data Synchronization

    We help you achieve greater efficiency and eliminate redundancy with a hands-free synchronization service. A single set of data is shared by your SIS and our applications, so that any changes you make in one database is tracked and automatically published to the others.

  • Identity & Access Management

    We support integration with commonly used authentication and authorization models that use single sign-on capabilities. This provides the ability to manage user identities and access rights by role so you can control how your information is used.

higher education technology data management services

Data Management


AcademyOne are experts at large scale data collection projects and offer proven cleansing methods to transform your information not only into standardized, reusable forms but also into strategic assets.

  • Quality & Integrity

    We provide a wide range of services to improve the overall quality and integrity of your academic data. Our management techniques and rigorous cleansing methods ensure exposed course, equivalency and program data is trustworthy.

  • Business Intelligence

    Our sophisticated ad hoc reports and dashboard analytics deliver the meaningful information you need to support state, institution and student objectives. Data can also be pulled from the system to conduct customized reports.

higher education technology cloud services

Cloud Computing


We utilize cloud services to build robust, modern architectures that scale on-demand. Cloud computing improves reliability, lowers costs and requires no additional hardware of software.

  • Service-Level Agreements

    If you choose, we do all the work to keep your solution up and running by providing the servers, platforms, software services, bandwidth and security. We also help you define sound protection and security policies, including disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    To ensure your protection, we take great care to establish and maintain solutions that are fully compliant with your regulatory needs. Our team has extensive knowledge of federal, state and agency regulations, including FERPA and US export laws.

higher education technology custom development services

Custom Development


Our development team is always keen to put their technology expertise to good use by providing our clients with tailor-made software solutions. We continually enrich our knowledge base by tracking the latest innovations and best practices surrounding service-oriented architecture, workflow automation, agile development and scrum and responsive web portal design and applications.

  • Agile Development

    By following the agile development methodology, we break down the work into smaller, more achievable steps. Tasks are managed in time-boxed iterations called sprints, which typically last four weeks or less, each one delivering a set of outcomes that can be reviewed to steer and refine progress toward your ultimate project goal. This allows us to control costs, manage scope and ensure the rapid delivery of high-quality, customized software developed to meet your needs exactly.

  • User Experience Design

    To expertly craft an experience that will be embraced by everyone, we apply the findings from our research to create behavioral personas and usage scenarios that accurately model how your users will interact with the software. We then employ rapid prototypes and usability tests to evaluate and validate the design. Responsive web design is utilized when building our solutions to make them adaptable ensuring optimal viewing and navigation experiences for your users regardless of device.