Orchestrating the Recognition of
Prior or External Learning

Establishing a systematic and coordinated approach.

Moving away from one-offs

Awarding academic credit for external or prior learning can not only satisfy degree requirements, but can have a dramatic impact on learner enrollment, persistence and completion. Does your institution consider how external learning sources drawn from work, military, volunteer, self study or other formal learning programs could satisfy certain credential requirements? Does your institution provide prospective assessments before enrollment? Do you offer study plans recognizing external or prior learning?Are you able to track down and assess external learning sources with reliability and timely response? Tracking learning comparability, applicability and articulation can be time consuming as the volume scales, but it makes a huge difference for contemporary learners. Is it time to consider new automated tools to support your efforts?

Scaling learning assessment

Our integrated suite of cloud based tools automate the online self-service and back-office workflows supporting learners, faculty and administrators.

Bridge institutions, divisions, departments, streamline processes and reduce turnaround that will help break through bottlenecks.

Custom brand and incorporate our tools into your web presence. Help learners navigate petitioning for academic credit with a step by step process.

Address learner progress and management with real-time, simple, scalable and sustainable methods working with one to many institutions at a time.