Utah to upgrade its multi-institutional transfer and articulation portal

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AcademyOne, Inc. has been awarded a contract by the Utah System of Higher Education to augment and enhance the state’s web-accessible transfer credit and program articulation guide. The portal provides an online advising tool for students searching for course equivalencies or program articulation requirements across the eight institutions within the USHE and select public and private partner institutions.

"We are excited to refresh Utah's transfer guide and hope that with forthcoming enhancements, it will provide students with easily accessible and more robust transfer information for each public college and university in Utah," said Commissioner Dave Woolstenhulme. "We look forward to working with AcademyOne to strengthen the Utah transfer guide to better serve Utah students."

The platform will be powered by the AcademyOne’s ArticulatED™ workflow and publishing applications. Product integration with multiple student information systems, as well as robust equivalency creation and editing tools, eliminate the need to purchase or license additional software. The portal will also be expanded to provide students with a simulated transfer degree audit to see how courses they have already earned credit for will count toward a specific major and what requirements remain to be completed.

“This solution will show Utah students the courses satisfying degree requirement at their targeted transfer institution,” said Mike McIntyre, COO of AcademyOne. “This information can help reduce the amount of wasted credit transfer students often experience saving them both time and money and ultimately guiding them to completing their degree faster.”