Wyoming and AcademyOne Partner to Meet the Needs of Transfer Students

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Wyoming students to benefit with a statewide, self-service advising website that answers the question Will My Credits Transfer and Count?

Together the state’s institutions are determined to take collective responsibility and proactively address challenges surrounding transparent credit evaluation and course equivalency information, or the lack thereof, that make student mobility harder than it should be. Immediately they recognized the need for automated solutions that bridge data across institutions, reduce the need for manual effort, and simplify processes associated with such a monumental task.

Their first step will be to launch WyoTransfer.org in January 2021 utilizing AcademyOne’s ArticulatED™ portal and CMS solution. The software’s intuitive workflow and publishing tools ease institutional burdens of evaluating and publishing how prior learning equates to college credit. Students will benefit by using the centralized website’s equivalency mapping and simulated transfer degree audit applications. They can discover how courses already taken will be awarded credit, and what they are missing, prior to enrolling in programs of study or registering for classes.

“Successful transfer is often referred to as ‘seamless.’ I don’t care for this turn of phrase because it over promises and usually under delivers” said Amanda Reeder, Director of Transfer Relations at the University of Wyoming. “What I think is the key to providing students with the tools they need to make smart decisions about transfer – decisions which make sense to themselves and their families – is providing clear academic information, accurate and transparent information about how credit and programs will line up. AcademyOne is helping the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Community Colleges work together to provide this kind of transparency to our students in an easy to use format through ArticulatED.”

Next steps for the state will be implementing AcademyOne’s AdvisED™, AssessED™, and AwardED™ solutions to put some teeth into and achieve their guided transfer pathway, credit for prior learning outside of the classroom, and reverse transfer initiatives.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Wyoming and augment their efforts to define and promote clear transfer pathways, standardized credit recognition practices, and step by step guides for reducing the barriers to degree completion” said Mike McIntyre, COO of AcademyOne. “They are joining Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Utah, South Carolina, and Alaska by putting into action our statewide portal that offers significant advantages to the institutions and their students who are seeking clarity about academic credit portability.”

AcademyOne is the industry leader delivering SaaS solutions that reduce the academic, social, and economic impact associated with prior learning assessment and college transfer promoting equity in access and success.

The University of Wyoming is a nationally recognized land-grant research institution with expert faculty, top-ranked academics and world-class facilities committed to supporting transfer students and their success.

The mission and purpose of the Wyoming Community College Commission is to provide coordination, advocacy, funding, and accountability for the Community College System on behalf of the State of Wyoming.